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Germany / West Germany

Happy Voting Day!
I have been keeping up as much as I can with the Presidential Election. I’ve been asked more than several times by random Europeans, (only after they find out I’m from the US) which candidate I hope wins. After my response, they agree with me and hope he wins the election as well. We will see!

I am finally back in Berlin now. But, it won’t be for very long because I’m leaving for Paris this morning!

I spent several weeks with my friend’s family in the cute town of Wanne-Eickel in West Germany. There, I enjoyed real German home cooked meals, beautiful fall weather, and a fun time with his family (that’s a photo below of his niece and I playing around).
There was a lot of laughing, smiling, gestures, and nodding between my friend’s family and I because we had a language barrier. Somtimes it got a little awkward, but in the end we got our point across.

The first few photos were taken at the Krupp Villa. The other photos were taken at a park.

The Author

Oahu, Hawaii grown. Currently wandering Germany. Love photography, traveling, dancing, and good times with friends and family!


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