Life in Berlin So Far

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Look who’s back! I apologize for my short and sudden hiatus. I’ve been trying to get my life back on track. About a month ago, I packed up a few things and came here to Germany to give living abroad a shot. It’s been anything but easy!

Life is looking more up right now, I’ve just been offered a job at a medical laboratory. My coworkers don’t speak much English and I don’t speak much Deutsch, so that poses a problem! However, they’ve been trying their best to communicate with me, teaching me new words, and showing me around the lab. They’re very nice people, I hope I can hold a decent conversation with them soon!

My work visa paperwork has been turned in, so I’ll be finding out in 2-3 weeks if I’ve been approved. Until then, I’ll keep exploring and discovering this vigilant city and enjoy my time at the laboratory.  Oh, and practice my Deutsch!







The Author

Oahu, Hawaii grown. Currently wandering Germany. Love photography, traveling, dancing, and good times with friends and family!


  1. We’ve missed you, but looking at the images you posted you haven’t lost the ability to compose and shoot a great photo. Good luck in Germany and learning a new language. bill

    • Thanks so much, Bill! When I first arrived here, I wasn’t in the right “mood” to take photos. But now I feel more happy heading outside with my camera. I hope to get on a more regular posting schedule soon! =)

  2. great snaps. but most of them r puzzles for me. Maybe a little bit about every one of them would help. 🙂 and yes all the best for learning German.

  3. Your photos are excellent, especially the gabled house with the lamp post. beautiful! Thanks for visiting my blog. I appreciate it a lot. Blogging is new to me and I appreciate any comments. Have a nice day and good luck with your german.

  4. jalal michael sabbagh. says

    Sensational post .Good to see you back Good luck.jalal

  5. I have visited Berlin only once but loved the city. There are so many good photographic opportunities, I look forward to your future posts.
    Good luck in your Berlin adventure.

  6. Hope you enjoy your time in Germany! We have lived there twice (thanks to the US Army) and loved it! I’ve been back in the States for 10 years since our last stay there and I have to say not a week goes by that I don’t miss it. Never made it to Berlin (we lived in Bavaria and Hessen). Can’t wait to see more of your pictures!!! Best of luck!!!

    • Thank you very much for the nice comment! =) you’re lucky to have lived here twice! I love Bavaria! Did you pick up any of the language while living here?

  7. elkemurphy says

    Good to hear from you again! Now I understand what brought you to living in Berlin. I can relate to this. When I lived in Berlin (I am German) I had an American boyfriend who stayed with me for several years, didn’t speak much German. Then we went to Oakland together to live in his place for a while, and it was very difficult for me – even though I knew English, I still couldn’t follow so quickly, esp. people on the phone were so difficult to understand. For me it was important to get out, to find work, so I volunteered. You do your photography and keep us all posted – that’s so great! From my heart I am wishing ‘Viel Glueck’ with your job hunting. Enjoy Berlin!

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