The Abandoned, Discovered

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This will be my last post in my short series of photos taken in an abandoned paper mill outside of Berlin, Germany. The first two parts of the series are entitled Searching for Monsters and The Search for Monsters Continues. Not to worry, these monsters (and a few new ones!) will make an appearance again in future posts. =)




The back part of the factory on a gloomy winter day






The entrance to the factory grounds

The Author

Oahu, Hawaii grown. Currently wandering Germany. Love photography, traveling, dancing, and good times with friends and family!


    • Thank you! It felt weird seeing that little branch growing in the factory! I’ve seen the name of the artist who did the little monsters on another website, but I can’t remember her name now. I also don’t know if she has other artwork around. I will have to do some research!

    • I’m glad you like it! =) Street art is a lot of fun to hunt for, I’d love to do it again! Luckily there is a lot around here, but I think you knew that already =)

    • Thank you, Celia! If little monsters start to appear around Chicago, you’ll know where they came from. =) Thanks for checking out my blog =)

  1. kyle says

    Love these monster photos! What an amazing thing to find in an abandoned factory. Great work!

    • Thank you! I understand that, there were so many things to see and capture. I hope to explore other abandoned buildings sometime soon. Thanks for checking out my blog!

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