Weekly Photo Challenge . Afloat

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Wow, it’s my first post of the year! I can’t even explain where I disappeared off to, it feels like just yesterday was Christmas Eve. I can’t believe how fast the months are flying by!

This weeks photo challenge is a good topic to get me back into my postings again.

I was able to be “afloat” over Madrid on a beautiful spring day last week (thanks to Teleferico de Madrid). We silently floated over rooftops, train tracks, gardens, and at last we saw the grand view of the city. Snow-capped mountains stood in the distance. It was a nice little getaway from the bustling city!

Many more photos from Madrid will be posted. 🙂




The Author

Oahu, Hawaii grown. Currently wandering Germany. Love photography, traveling, dancing, and good times with friends and family!


  1. Beautiful photos of Madrid. The city looks stunning from above. What a view and I bet you didn’t want the ride to end! I hope it wasn’t too cold up there in the sky in the cable car 😀

    • Thanks so much, Mabel! You’re right, I didnt want the ride to end! =D It was very warm that day, which was really nice because it snowing back in Berlin during that time! =)

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