Evening on the Charles Bridge

Evening on the Charles Bridge

I had the day off today! In the evening, I went to the opening ceremony for Berlin’s Festival of Lights! I was here last year for the Festival of Lights, and I had a great time. I wasn’t so impressed with the opening ceremony, but I’m very very very excited to go around the city this year to see all the beautiful lights!

The photos below of the Charles Bridge weren’t taken on one day. They were taken over a span of several days because I enjoyed seeing it so much!

It’s back to work tomorrow, but at least it’s Thursday! 😀

Prague Steeples

Prague Steeples

What a week it has been! I just went to my first German Oktoberfest, it was a lot of fun! You can click on the photo below to see a few photos from the event!

I’ll be updating my blog more this week. My boss said hopefully I’ll get a day off this week because I’ve been making a lot of overtime.


Exploring Praha

Exploring Praha

My friend and I just got back from a nice vacation to Prague! It’s a beautiful city, rich in history, art, and architecture. We spent 5 days there, which was just a tad too long for me, but we were able to explore the city at a leisurely pace.

We took the Eurolines Bus to Prague from Berlin. It was only a 4 hr. 30 min. ride with a quick stop in Dresden.  Our trip was somewhat last-minute (we booked everything less than a week prior!), so the only hotel (cheap hotel :)) left was a Botel. That is a room on a boat!

Our room was pretty cozy, but it was old and it definitely showed! It was a nice experience, and we had a great view outside our window, however I don’t think I’d stay there again.

We met many people; Russians, Italians, Australians, and I even met a fellow Texan. I was very surprised to hear everyone speaking English around me. I don’t even hear that much English being spoken here in Berlin! My friend said it was just because we were in the touristy parts of the city.

I have quite a few experiences to share, luckily I have many photos to help explain! I’ll be posting more about Prague over the next few days!