Guten Rutsch ins Neue Jahr! (Happy New Year!)

Guten Rutsch ins Neue Jahr!  (Happy New Year!)

2013 has been quite a year! I moved to a new country, learned a new language (although I’m still not fluent), and did so many things I thought wasn’t possible! I look forward to all the adventures 2014 will bring!

For my last post of the year, I want to share a few photos I took at a local Christmas market here in Berlin.

I took this image from my ‘2013 year in blogging’ stats. 96 countries!!! That’s amazing!! Thank you everyone for taking the time to view my blog this year! I hope you had a good year, and I hope the new year is even better!

Bring on 2014!


The Guardians of Time

The Guardians of Time

I saw photos of these guys last year around Berlin.  I wondered who (or what) they were and why I, unfortunately, hadn’t seen them around the city.

I found them last night!!! 😀

Just another fascinating piece of the Berlin Festival of Lights!

More photos of the Festival coming up!