The Germany Premiere of The Hunger Games . Catching Fire

The Germany Premiere of The Hunger Games . Catching Fire

Photos I took during the Germany Premiere of ‘Catching Fire’ on Tuesday!

“The Capitol” Girls
Sony Center in Berlin
Liam Hemsworth who plays Gale


Elizabeth Banks giving an interview. She plays Effie Trinket.
Jennifer Lawrence. Sorry it’s blurry!
Jennifer Lawrence, Elizabeth Banks, and Josh Hutcherson who plays Peeta.
The main cast! Including the director and producer! Is Liam Hemsworth looking at me??! Lets take a closer look…
Yes! I believe he is!!

The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty

The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty

While I was visiting New York City last year, I ran into a film crew filming a scene near Wall Street. They closed a section of the road and stopped all foot traffic while a bus drove past with a stunt double on top of it. I instantly noticed Ben Stillers face on the side of the bus (I’m a fan of his!). I asked one of the security guys what movie it was. He was unable to tell me the name, but he told me it was a remake of an old movie, and it was being directed by Ben Stiller himself. Just recently, I found out the movie is entitled The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty. It will be released on Christmas Day.

I posted a link to the trailer and a few photos I took in the city below . The cinematography looks great, I will definitely be checking out this movie!

I have a friend from Hawaii visiting me here in Berlin tomorrow! I’m happy to see him. It’ll be quite a busy weekend! 😀






Summer Date Night

Summer Date Night

The weather has been soo nice that all I feel like doing is going outside!

I took these over the weekend at the Sony Center here in Berlin. This is where I usually go to the movies because they screen them in English. 🙂