Twilight in Berlin

Twilight in Berlin

This will be my last post from Europe because I’m going back home to the states tomorrow for Thanksgiving! I’m really going to miss it here, but it’s going to be nice to get a break from this frigid cold!

I was lucky to be at the Berlin premiere of the Breaking Dawn part 2 movie last night. Lucky, because I’m a fan of the Twilight series. I’ve read and enjoyed all the books and movies. I’m not a Twihard. Many Twihards here in Berlin started to line up for the premiere at 6pm the day before in the freeeezing cold! One Twihard even admitted that she attended the other Breaking Dawn premieres in London and Madrid. Unfortunately at one point, security came to move some guard rails because they said there were too many people between them. They kicked out a bunch of girls that were waiting there for hours. I watched as they scrambled around, tears streaming down their faces as they looked for a new spot.

I apologize these photos are a bit blurry and noisy. It was very challenging to capture them. Many fans brought little ladders and beer crates to stand on. My wonderful friend carried me on his shoulders and I was able to take these.  Event photography is definitely not my thing, but this was a great expierence that I’ll never forget!

I’ll be able to update a lot easier and faster when I’m home. See ya’ll back in the states!

Project Lone Star

Project Lone Star

A few years ago I wanted to start a photo project for myself. I wanted to capture everything that represented “Texas”. The rodeo, long lonely roads, real BBQ, different cities, etc. But, what I’ve captured is not what I had planned. Instead, I’ve captured what Texas means to me.

Texas means my family and friends, that constant radio on in my grandpa’s workshop, the random park in the middle of nowhere where I met the nice lady feeding chickens. So while these may not be your ‘typical’ Texas photos (no gun fights here!), I’d like to share some photos that I’ve taken over the past several years.

There are a lot more photos to upload, but unfortunately I don’t have time to look through them because I’m leaving for Europe tomorrow! It’s a really big trip for me, as I’ve never been out of the United States (except to Canada).


  • Left my wonderful, very comfortable job.
  • Got my flu shot.
  • Picked up my pea coat (which was in the dirty laundry basket for the past 3 years) from the dry cleaners.
  • Received my new camera lens in the mail.
  • Bid my family and friends goodbye.

I’m about ready to march out of Texas.

My next post will be from Germany.

See ya’ll in Europe!

Lucky You Live Hawaii

Lucky You Live Hawaii

Many locals in Hawaii say “Lucky You Live Hawaii”. I grew up hearing it and never really believed it till I got older and moved away from the islands.

I took these photos of my very good friend, Maddie, on one of my rare trips back home. I’ve known Maddie for 10 years now, she is a beautiful person inside and out! Definitely one of the most sweetest person I know!

We spent the entire day on the North Shore, met up with friends for a really good lunch, and finished the day off with the best Hawaiian style shave ice!

I have a few more photos from this set, I’ll be sure to post them soon.

Oh, and these photos were taken during the winter. Yes, Hawaii has perfect weather year-round. Now I really do understand the saying,

Lucky You Live Hawaii